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Download The Free App

The app is available from the AppStore or Google Play Store / Android Market. Hold your smart device pointed at the AR cube with your “sight” aimed at the cube. The alien world will appear in the app. You can patrol all sides of the tower, as long as you keep the smart device positioned over the AR cube. The smart device should remain at arm’s length or closer to the AR cube/markers.


Assemble AR Cube

The pieces of the AR cube are marked A-D. Assemble the first three sides aligning the letters, then slide the top in place before connecting the last side. Once assembled, do not unassemble the AR cube. The AR cube becomes the defense point in the game. The AR markers act as your weapons and can be repositioned during play.


Stop The Escape

Now you are ready to take to fight off the universe’s most wanted goofy aliens. Move the AR markers during play to customize your battle plan. See the in-game tutorials for more instructions.